You can get faster to your destination if you have a map. In this page you'll find a repository of resources, guides, and products that have proven helpful over the years.

Some of them may be affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost for you. The proceeds will help me run this publication and finance my extremely high consumption of pasta.

It's divided in two sections, learning and building. Learning contains guides and education resources, building contains tools and softwares.

1 | 🧠 Learning

Productizing your knowledge

Build Once, Sell Twice by Visualize Value is one of the best training I've taken about scaling a creative business. It walks you through the process of productizing your knowledge to divorce your time from your income. Their previous workshop, Design Fundamentals, is also great if you're interested in learning how to use design to sell your product or service.

Building a following

Everyone Can Build A Twitter Audience is a video masterclass from ex-Amazon employee Daniel Vassallo that teaches how to come up with post ideas, develop a voice, and build a following on Twitter (although the principles apply to every social networks). Daniel is very upfront and transparent, and I really enjoyed his no-fluff, no-gimmick approach to social media.

Scaling your publication

Doing Content Right by Steph Smith is a very actionable and in-depth guide about creating, writing, and scaling successful blogs and newsletters. Steph has a very successful personal blog and currently works for The Hustle at their premium publication Trends. She walks you through why you need to find your personal monopoly, how to identify your distribution vector, how to build a home for your blog or newsletter, and how to distribute to grow it big. The code "gian20" will get you 20% off.

2 | 🛠️ Building


Ghost is what we are using for Through The Noise. The writing experience is awesome and it's great for one-man operators. Ghost's managed hosting costs $29/month, but we found and recommend Gloat, a concierge service that will set up a self-hosted Ghost site and other services for a one-time fee. If you decide to try it, the code 4LH94F will let Dan know we sent you. You will also need Digital Ocean - this link will get you a $100 credit.

Webflow is what we use for Storyforma. It allows to design beautiful, interactive websites without heavy code. The price for this is a steeper learning curve. Squarespace is another solid option that is simpler to use. If you plan to go with Wordpress, we've found StudioPress themes + WP Engine hosting to be the best combo.

Audience building

ConvertKit is our choice for email marketing. Their focus on simplicity and creativity makes it a pleasure to use compared to other softwares. They also recently added a free plan. If you decide to try it, send us an email and we'll show you how we use Zapier to connect it with our different websites.

Finding content

Mailbrew is an app that makes curating a lot easier. We highly recommend to anyone running a newsletter or content-based business. It's basically a supercharged RSS reader where you can create personal email digests from a variety of sources like Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and more. It also comes with an inbox address, so you can send all your newsletter there to have them in one place. It's saved me a ton of time and helps me stay updated without constantly checking my feed. You can try it for free for two weeks.

Finding software deals

Appsumo is a great software to score lifetime deals from launching startups. In a nutshell, is a curated platform where SaaS companies seek early adopters. The reward for becoming one is paying a one-time price instead of a monthly subscription. We found some great deals here, and their 60-days "no questions asked" refund policy makes it worth trying.