📺 TTN-20 | Bullshitters

How to practice nuanced thinking, how to be perfectly unhappy, and why the creative industry suffers from a bullshit industrial complex.

📺 TTN-23 | Creativity and Conformity

Marketing lessons from the 2020 election, How Shopify is dominating culture by empowering creatives, How the Internet is canceling the city by disrupting the balance between creativity and conformity, Creative work from Burberry, Sodastream, and Zalando.

📺 TTN-22 | The future of entertainment

How TikTok became the king of short-form video by catering to lurkers, Lessons from Billie Eilish's livestream event, How to rethink the movie theater experience, Creative work from Audi, Apple, Playstation, and Xbox.

📺 TTN-21 | Meme-induced Hysteria

Why temporary madness might be the biggest danger of our time, How online life is breaking the old order and reshaping human experience, How Netflix reinvented its marketing on social media, Creative work from UNICEF, Jack Daniel's, Heinz, and Oreo.

📺 TTN-20 | Bullshitters

How to practice nuanced thinking, how to be perfectly unhappy, and why the creative industry suffers from a bullshit industrial complex.

📺 TTN-19 | The dark side of abundance

Why drawing boundaries is becoming the true superpower of our times, Why creators are the response to abundance and commoditization, What is social cooling, and how data is damaging our social environment, Creative work from Squarespace, Playstation, B&Q, and a mixtape of songs from the 90s.

📺 TTN-18 | Alternate realities

Why conspiracy theories work like alternate-reality games, and the role social networks play, How David Lynch gets ideas, How to engage with consumers online according to one of the largest, on-going neuroscience studies in the world.

📺 TTN-17 | The Generative Age

How AI will do for video production what the Internet did for distribution (AKA: we're approaching realistic, real time computer-generated movies), How to think better, What is a post creative strategist, and why it might become an essential role at advertising agencies.

📺 TTN-16 | The dilemma of our time

Thoughts on The Social Dilemma, What is compression progress, How comedian Andrew Schulz managed to build an audience bigger than TV networks, after being rejected by them, Some awesome creative work from Ikea and Adobe.

📺 TTN-15 | Making better content

A framework for how agencies should think about content in today's crowded market, How curating content is becoming just as important as creating it, How to make branded content without losing your soul, and the rise of digital gardens.

📺 TTN-14 | Why we're so polarized

How exposure to more varied opinions can actually make polarization worse, why no amount of information will ever shift our perspective without letting go of identity, how social networks are used to build social capital through signaling.

📺 TTN-13 | The future of consumerism

3 ideas on the future of consumerism: How a subscription service is rethinking the relationships between designers and users without corporations owning the work, the 3 factors that make paid media successful, and how participation might become the best monetization path for creators.

📺 TTN-12 | Zoomers VS Boomers

Why TikTok's fast growth is related to its focus on social capital, why it's becoming the homogenizing force for Gen Z's fragmented identity, and why long term VS short term is the most commonly cited false choice in marketing.

📺 TTN-10 | How to get unstuck

What is Minimum Viable Creativity, why we easily believe some ideas but not others, a technique for better writing, and a guide to visual storytelling